Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good News...

I got a phone call today from my first choice law school (which I applied to binding early decision) letting me know that I've been accepted for their class of 2015!

I am so incredibly beyond excited!

The other really nice thing about getting in is that it takes a little bit of the pressure off me this semester, grades-wise. I mean, my grades do still matter and it's (very) important to me to do well academically, but it's not like if I get one B my law school dreams will be dashed! The other good thing about it is that I perform better on exams when I'm not feeling as pressured, so hopefully this means I'll actually do a little better than normal!

Plus, it's just really nice to have what I'm doing next year sorted!

Anyway, I should probably get back to studying for my politics exam (game theory) tomorrow, but just wanted to let you all know!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So obviously I didn't quite succeed with blogging a decent amount...

But I'm here now!

This is just going to be a super short update, because I'm in the middle of studying for midterms. I submitted 6 law school applications last weekend (well, two weekends ago now), so I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from them. I still need to finish & submit a lot more, but I'm so busy with exams that that's on the back-burner at the moment. I also applied binding early decision to my top choice law school. They barely accept anyone early and my number's (GPA & LSAT) are below their averages, but who knows! Maybe it'll work out. I'll hear from them sometime in the 15 days after I submitted the application (so within the next week). I'm expecting to get deferred to "regular admission" (ie I won't find out for a while, but it won't be binding) or possibly flat out rejected (but hopefully not!). Depending on what happens I'll have some decisions to make next week! One part of this that's particularly scary is that if you get in they phone you, otherwise they email you. That means I've been completely paranoid every time I get an email. I've also had a couple nightmares about it... (oh dear!)

I'm also in the middle of midterms. Unfortunately I have 4 - one for each of my classes, over the course of 4 days (which is unusual). I had econ on Tuesday, psych today (Wednesday), art tomorrow and politics on Friday. Econ didn't go as well as I was hoping, and I'm also not sure at all how psych went (it was multiple choice, but there were a couple I didn't know). Anyway, regardless of how those ones went the main thing is to keep my focus for the next two.

Art is proving to be a real killer - I have to memorize 85 photos, when they were made them, who made them and how they were made (as well as a much of terms etc). Anyway, better get back to doing that!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wow, I fail

And haven't blogged in almost 2 months. Really not good.

My goal for this week will be to blog at least every other day :D.

The thing that's been eating up all my time recently has been getting back to school/choosing courses/thesis (I have to write one! Urgh!) and law school applications.

I'm taking social psych, intro to microecon, game theory (which is hard! But I feel like I'm learning a lot) and history of photography.

I'm not sure if I've talked about this, but I'm applying to (US) law school(s) at the moment, to start next year. I wanted to go straight from University to law school, because if I start working I don't think I'd be able to get myself back into the "school" frame of mind. Anyway, I have a bit of a difficult situation because my GPA is mediocre (3.3 ish. Which is good, but when places have a mean GPA of 3.9 for accepted students...), but my LSAT (the standardized test you have to take) is good. So, it's even more impossible than normal for me to have any idea about my chances at a particular school. (Also, they're not due until February or something, but they have rolling admissions so it's seriously advantageous to apply early.)

I'm probably going to end up applying to 12-15 in the US (which I know is totally ridiculous. I was advised to apply to 10-12, but I'm risk-averse and I'm so unsure about my chances of getting into these various schools). I'm going to be applying to one early. If I get in, it's binding. I'll find out 15 days from when I submit the application (which will probably be this week or next week). Anyway, all pretty nerve wracking!

With regards to being healthy etc, I have been AWFUL about going to the gym. I just haven't gone in so long, mostly because I've been so busy with law school apps. I did have a bit of a wake up call over the weekend though - I started getting ill (not with anything serious, just a cold/flu), but I realised that I'm going to be much less productive if I get ill. (And I'm pretty sure that the reason I started to get ill was from eating too much sugar and not looking after myself well enough).

Anyway, I promise more updates this week!