Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Day!

Today interesting day.

Lab this morning was...urgh (I told you you'd be hearing about it!). I just keep messing something up again and again, which is getting a bit annoying at this point. I also felt pretty tired for some reason :S.

I also weighed 129.8 lbs this morning, which is also not good. The boyfriend is having his 21st birthday party in June, and it'll be the first time I'll meet all his friends - so I want to look good! I know 129.8 isn't bad, but I'm kinda short (5'5"), and its an increase since I started college (when I was 122 lbs). Ideally, I'd like my weight to be between 123 and 126. You'd think after being bummed about my weight I'd watch what I ate, but that didn't happen at all. I dread to think what's going to happen on the scale tomorrow :S. I snacked and snacked, and had a high cal dinner out at a restaurant (some distant family came for a surprise visit - their son is looking at colleges now, hence the visit). Maybe tomorrow will be better, every day is a new day I guess.  That said, tomorrow is my friend (ex's) birthday, so we're all going out to dinner. I did, however, manage to take my vitamins and psyllium today (psyllium husks/powder are basically pure fiber, so they help with gut health. I eat such a low fiber diet at college, so seems like a good idea to take them!).

I also have a kinda bad tendency to always try to help people. Both my best friend at home and the boyfriend have been trying to get me to help them with various things (boyfriend/depression issues and homework respectively). I love them both and love helping them, but it does meant that I've barely got any of my own work done, and that I'm not going to get a proper night sleep, which isn't great!

Anyway, on that note, bed time!


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