Friday, April 29, 2011


We had formals today, which was wonderful and lots of fun. I got a new dress a few weeks ago, so it was exciting to get to wear that! And, of course, the boyfriend looked very handsome...

Right, confession. I should preface this by saying that I absolutely adore my boyfriend and I would never ever cheat on him (or anyone) but...there's another boy I have a huge crush on. I don't know why I like this other guy so much, and I even know that I would hate dating him, but...I really like him. Like a teenage girl crush. It's pretty ridiculous. I'll go out of my way to spend more time with this guy, and when I'm with him we sometimes end up linking arms (once, we were drunk). This guy is one of my best guy friends, and also one of my boyfriends relatively close friends (we're all in the same friendship group). Other guy is totally aware of my boyfriend, aware of how much I adore the boyfriend and aware that I'd never cheat on him.'s not like anything's going to happen.

I've thought a bit about this - whether it means that I'm not happy with the current boyfriend etc and concluded that no, it's not that. I think what it actually is is just loving having someone (male) outside my relationship that I am this close to. (I tend to get along better with boys than girls). It's also a "safe" crush - neither of us will make a move on the other...

Anyway, nothing will ever happen with other guy - I promise! (Other than my little high school crush on him!)


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