Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Ever Post!

I'm not really sure what to write here!

I guess I should start with why I started a blog, and a little about me...

I'm 20, almost 21, and a student at one of the top US universities. I'm originally from the UK, and my family still lives there. I'm pretty close to them. I'm a junior in college, majoring in science, so I end up spending a lot of time in lab (which, no doubt, will come up again and again). I have a boyfriend (of two years) who I adore, and a few close girl friends. Unfortunately, when N & I started dating we lost a few mutual friends through jealousy.

My best friend in the UK started keeping a diary as her new years resolution this year, and has been trying to convince me to do the same, so I guess this blog is partly an attempt at that. I've had some "issues" of the last few years, struggling from occasional "depression" (never officially diagnosed) and also moderately severe anxiety. I've tried going to therapists, which hasn't really helped, as they tend to encourage me to dwell on things, which I already do enough of on my own! To that end, I've started trying to practice mindfulness and coherence, and I try to practice each night. I've also tried to tackle my issues head on, which has helped (e.g. I felt I was struggling academically, so went to go talk to professors and our academic support people who are fantastic, so I feel a lot better about all that now!)

I also feel like I have some kind of food issue. I tend to binge eat and eat because I'm bored. I then feel incredibly guilty. My eating habits go in cycles where I'll eat obsessively well for a bit (a week or so) and then eat terribly for a week etc. I'd like to try to sort that out! (It is difficult at school though, given that I have a dining hall meal plan).

Anyway, that's all from me! Off to bed now, as I have to get up early (8:30, early for me!) to go into lab!


  1. What a great first post - you give us such a good overview of where you're at and where you're going. Very pleased to meet you here at your first post. :-)

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. It's nice to see your first ever post:)