Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend and Thesis Progress

My weekend was blah. I didn't feel like I got very much done which is never a good thing and Sunday was just a bad day. You know how some days are just urgh? It's not like anything particularly bad happened it's just that it wasn't a particularly good day. On the plus side, we finally had our secret santa gift exchange! I gave someone a shaker (which he said he wanted) and I got a small, pink, fluffy cute thing (I'm not really sure how to describe it).

Image from google images

Its going to be the thesisaurus! And hopefully make me feel less bad about my thesis because its so cute.

Anyway, on the thesis front things are ok.

I achieved most of my goals from last week:

Talk to my advisor about my thesis (I haven't actually talked to him about the actual written thing I need to hand in yet) - DONE
Come up with an overview plan (chapter titles) with my advisor/get them approved by him - not really done, but I think I know what I'm doing here
Run through my first draft of my first chapter and at least get something fully written (at the moment there are some blank spots that I need to fill in) - didn't really get this done
Write one more (compound) chapter - DONE

My goals for next week:
Review two chapters I've written (intro and first compound chapter -CoTa. Get at least one of them to the point where I can send them to my advisor)
Write two more compound chapters (NiTa and NiNb)

I really need to get going on things. I have:
63 days
1534 hours
92042 minutes
5522500 seconds

I also have a friend from high school visiting next week (yay!) and my aunt, cousin and grandmother visiting at the end of next week. That means I'm not going to have too much time next week to work on it, so I really need to be productive this week!


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