Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Exercise Goals Review

1. Meet heart rate monitor fitness goals every week - nope :(. My heart rate monitor watch ran out of battery. Also, my ankle injury has come back and is getting worse, so I'm not really exercising.
2. Run 5K in 27 minutes - didn't really make much progress on this one. I'm just going to accept that I'm not going to meet this goal, and thats ok.
3. 20 consecutive good form push ups - I'm up to 18! Yay!
4. Lose the tummy! (I feel like I should have some goal measurements) - I can't find my measuring tape :(
5. Lose 10 lbs (get down to 127lbs). - 132.8! Yay! Not going to get to my eventual goal here, but I'm getting increasingly happy with my figure :).

I mentioned that I hurt my ankle. I originally hurt my ankle around October of last year. I got an x-ray done in December, and the conclusion was that there was no bone damage. (Or rather that there was no visible damage, although they did tell me that even if there had been it probably would have healed by the time I got the X-ray). I avoided running and anything else that might aggravate it until about a month ago, when I thought it was fully healed. Unfortunately, the injury has come back, and its worse than it was before :(. Anyway, I've set up an appointment with the physio. The earliest they could see me was a week Wednesday at 7am. They then called me back and let me know that I could come in at 6am tomorrow (argh! So early). Anyway, I took the appointment (I'm that decided that I want to get it fixed asap!). Fingers crossed that it goes well and that I like the physio etc!


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