Thursday, July 12, 2012


My boyfriend has been visiting me for the last 5 days (and I'm now in my least favourite part of everything where I'm just missing him more than ever). Anyway, we spent Saturday and Sunday in Portland and then came back to Seattle for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I had work (technically), but my bosses were super understanding and gave me a bunch of time off (I basically just worked half days).

Anyway....Portland (I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have wanted because of the whole broken camera situation):

We got upgraded to a suite (for free) in the hotel, which was awesome!
We went to the test rose garden, which was amazing (they test roses there before they sell them to the general public, so there were loads of different types of roses).

We had dinner at a really cool restaurant, which was in the middle of a hotel.

We went to Powell's books, which is an absolutely huge bookstore. I bought two cookbooks - the boyfriend bought the same ones and each week we're going to each choose a recipe from it that we'll both make.

This is just one of the many rooms! Image from google

All in all a very fun trip!


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