Monday, July 2, 2012


My Sunday was interesting. I've been feeling a bit down recently (unmotivated and tired)  and I spent some time reflecting on why that is. I've been thinking about why that is and I've come to a few conclusions:

1.  I using the nuvaring (my birth control) and I imagine that that's affected things
2. I'm haven't been taking my vitamins which is a really bad idea
3. My sleep schedule has been seriously bad. I've been getting up later and later :(
4. Getting up later and later means that I'm getting to work stressed
5. I don't think I'm eating enough during the day

My July goals are basically to fix these things.

Anyway...onto my Sunday:

I went to the gym

I went on a tour of the Theo chocolate factory

Our tour guide explaining the process

They mix in the "extras" by hand!

I bought two of sounds like a really odd flavour, but believe me its soooo good!

I wandered around the Fremont Sunday Market - so much fun


It was a great market - lots of fun to just wander around

I had a massage/reflexology session, which was very relaxing

My fitness goals:

1. Meet heart rate monitor fitness goals every week - done
2. Run 5K in 27 minutes - made absolutely no progress on this
3. 20 consecutive good form push ups - my goal is to do two more push ups every week and I met my goal for this week (9 push ups)
4. Lose the tummy! (I feel like I should have some goal measurements) - haven't measured this week
5. Lose 10 lbs (get down to 127lbs. This ones a bit difficult as I don't have a scale in Seattle) - not sure, but I do feel slimmer!


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