Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meals/Keys/New Toys

With regards to meals etc yesterday:
I had a falafel sandwich for lunch and a burger for dinner. Not the best choices by any stretch of the imagination, but I should have said that my university has fall break now, which means that my normal dining hall isn't open. The boyfriend and I are therefore having to make or buy our own food, and unfortunately for my health we went out twice yesterday.

I also was not very successful at taking my vitamins. For some reason I get really tired at night, almost so tired that I don't have the energy to take my vitamins (I'm also pretty bad at swallowing them, so the whole thing always turns into a bit of a to-do.)

I don't really know how I did with snacking. I had a few bits and pieces in the evening when we were watching a movie, but not much else.

Lab Key Dilemma
As many of you know, I've had a catalogue of issues with lab. Last semester I really didn't like the project I was working on (and dreaded going to lab) and my in-lab mentor, though a wonderful person, was a terrible teacher. I then changed projects twice over the summer, but I'm now really enjoying the one I'm working on. However, because of my law school apps (which are now done, yay!) I've barely been going into lab recently. Anyway, the bottom line is that I think my boss thinks that I slack off a lot and that I'm not a great addition to the lab.

I lost my key to lab a while ago (I hadn't seen it since the beginning of the summer, despite, I thought, looking everywhere). I've been reluctant to go get a new one, because they University tends to do over-excessive things like changing the locks and giving everyone a new key. Because my boss already doesn't have a great opinion of me, I don't want to cause any more trouble in lab. (I should have said, I only use the key to get in outside of normal working hours, when no-one else is there, so it's a little unusual for me to use it.) Yesterday I decided to just bite the bullet and go get a new key. When I was half way to lab I realised that I'd left my wallet in my room, which I thought I might need. I went back to my room to get it, and noticed a handbag that I hadn't checked yet. I went thought it and...found the key! The timing was just so weird, because I found the old one minute before I was going to replace it, despite looking for it for over 2 months!

(Anyway, it made me tres happy to have the key back, and not to have to do yet another thing that would make my boss think I'm incompetent!)

Minimus Shoes and Clarisonic

I've had my old running shoes for almost two years now and I've been meaning to get a new pair. While visiting my grandmother, my mum and I took a trip to my favourite sports store. I have a couple of foot issues, nothing major, just things like a falling arch. Anyway, they recommended that I try the New Balance Minimus shoe (which has a very thin sole and is meant to be one of those "barefoot running" shoes). Apparently it will help with my falling arch and ankle turning, and also my (extremely heavy) footfall. They were pretty much the same price as normal running shoes, so I decided to try them. I haven't really got much of a chance to test them out yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

New Shoes!

The dermatologist recommended the "Clarisonic". It's like a very soft rotating brush that you use on your skin (there's one brush for the face and one for the body). It's meant to help the skin renew and also to help it absorb all the lotions and potions that you put on it. Before your first use, you need to charge it for 24 hours, which I did yesterday, and I was excited about getting to use it last night. But, for some reason it wouldn't turn on and kept saying it was out of battery :(. I'm trying recharging it again (maybe it got unplugged or wasn't on the base properly last time), so fingers crossed that it'll work tonight!


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