Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exercise Fails

On Monday I (apparently) fell asleep on the floor. I have no memory of deciding to take a nap or anything, but I woke up to the sound of my alarm covered in my bathrobe. Both of those things make me think that I must have (at some point) consciously decided to take a nap. I have a ridiculous habit of (sometimes) napping on the floor. I alluded to this in my sleep post, but if I get into bed it's pretty much "game over" and I won't get out for ages. Normally sleeping on the floor (covered by my rug) is fine, but apparently I slept for over an hour this time. When I woke up and tried to stand I noticed that my hip reallly hurt. I've never had issues with it before, so I can only assume that it was caused by lying on it on the floor for 60 minutes.

Perhaps stupidly, I still went to the gym Monday night and ran (only for 10 minutes though!) and did weights. It didn't hurt at all when I was running, so I assumed it was fine. On Tuesday it was still bothering me (no gym and I was limping insanely all day). It seems to be worse if I sit and let and stop moving. Anyway, it's been seeming better today, so fingers crossed that I'll be fine for my 5K on Friday!

In other gym news my heart rate monitor is playing up :(. I have no idea why, but I'm fairly certain that my HR didn't go from 170 to 90 in about 1 second. You're meant to wash it fairly frequently (which I don't always do :S), so hopefully a quick wash will fix it! Fingers crossed for that.

Lastly, I talked about my friend Catie over the summer. She's about 5'3" and weighed around 170 lbs. She carries almost all her weight in her butt/hips which, although the healthiest place to carry it, really affected her self esteem. Anyway, to date she's lost 18 lbs :). She wants to lose another 35ish by graduation (in June 2012), but she's definitely making progress (and she also looks much better!)


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