Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, I'm home now, which is great. I'm home for about two weeks, and then I'm going to spend the rest of the summer in lab.

In my first two years of college, I found home very stressful and it made me quite unhappy. I'm not really sure why, but I think it was a combination of the hormonal contraception (got much worse after I started taking the pill) and also sibling rivalry (my sister is literally a genius. She's much smarter than me. I just try to hang onto the idea that I'm much more socially adept, which will hopefully serve me better, or equally as well, in the long run. More about that later I'm sure.). Anyway, since all the revelations of junior fall, I'm starting to really enjoy coming home, and I find it much more relaxing now.

Since I've been home...

My sister actually isn't here during the week, as she's working in a physics lab at a university a few hours from home. It's actually kinda nice. I get to see her on the weekends which is good, but it means that I also get a lot of time with my parents without her around (which helps with the sibling rivalry/my feelings of insecurity).

My skins gotten better. In an earlier post I think I talked about how the new sunscreen was making my skin worse. My boyfriend's 21st is on Saturday, and I really want to look good for that. I've stopped using the old sunscreen, and I'm also using a new facewash and I've also been using blackhead removing strips, which seem to be working.

I've missed a few days of vitamins, which isn't great. I need to get back up to speed with those. At home it's a little harder to take them at night, because I'm not sitting around at my desk working, like I am at school.

I've gone to the dentist, and found out that my messed up gum is more serious than I though, but not a total disaster. (Warning: Gross bit) About 10 days ago I managed to cut (cheesewire) the gum behind my last molar on the left side on the bottom (I don't have wisdom teeth) using floss (maybe, it seems a bit unlikely). Anyway, I either did it or exacerbated an existing problem with the floss, and I've partly split my gum open. The dentist doesn't think it'll ever fully heal, but it will close up. I could have surgery to remove the extra piece of gum that's currently attached to the tooth, but he doesn't really recommend it. He's given me some antiseptic type stuff to put on it to prevent infection and told me not to really floss back there (it's okay to do it occasionally and carefully).

I've been bored. I haven't really had all that much that I've needed to do to be honest. Being bored is kinda a nice feeling though, and it is nice to be able to sit around and read fiction books.

I found out that Louis died. We have two dogs (border collies), who are 10 and 11, which is fairly old for a dog. We had a choice of puppies originally, and I absolutely fell in love with Louis, and didn't like the dog we ended up getting at all (I love him now though!). Anyway, Louis is the dog that I loved who is the brother of our current dog.

I've relaxed. I feel much more relaxed and health at home which is good.

I've stopped using the nuvaring (temporarily). I'm not going to see the boyfriend for the whole summer, so it doesn't really make sense to stay on it (especially given how expensive it is!).


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