Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's June! I  can't believe this year has gone so quickly. Anyway, a new month means that I need to make new resolutions and also review how I did on my ones from last month. Annoyingly, I seem to have left my little pink book with all my resolutions in it at school, so I'm not really sure what I'd got down that I wanted to do. Nevertheless, I'm going to come up with some and start on them, and perhaps save the ones in the little pink book for next month. So...

Diet - I really don't know what to do for this one. At all. Eek. I'm trying to think about the aspects of my diet that aren't so great. They're mostly insufficient protein, insufficient fiber (and veggies) and too much sugar. I think I might try to record what I eat for a week to see how many calories, protein, fiber etc I'm getting, and then work on getting up to 25g of fiber per day. I was talking to my mum about it, and neither of us have any idea about how much fiber is in food, unlike calories. So, I guess I want to work on eating more fiber and developing an awareness of which foods contain most fiber. (To do this I'm going to use the tool at If anyone has any suggestions for a better tool that would be much appreciate. I just downloaded this one onto my IPod a while ago, and I think it'll be useful to be able to "track on the go")

Exercise - Weights or rotex.... I have goals for both of them. I like doing weights more than cardio (I didn't use to, but in this heat I really don't enjoy cardio). I think I may sit on this one for a few days and decide later, because whichever one I do doesn't need to be done daily. I'm leaning towards to the rotex (or cross-trainer, my goals for this are basically to get up to the next level on the machine) just because I know that's whats best for me.

Other - Wear sunscreen everyday on face, hands and neck area (if exposed). (I know that this was also a resolution last month, and it went okay, but not great. I didn't really like the sunscreen I was using and it made my skin break out a bit. I've found one that I think will be better, so I'm going to try that.)


Water - I did okay, but not great and not nearly as well as I should have done. It was difficult with all the moving though, because I didn't have my water cooler. It was also difficult because I'd leave it to the last minute (I still can't get in the habit of carrying around water with me) and then I'd worry that I'd be up in the night because I'd drunk too much before bed (which did happen a lot). Of course, getting up in the night isn't good either. Anyway, I am going to try to continue this going forward, I do think it's helpful but I just need to space out my water consumption better.

Sunscreen - see above

Exercise - Plank - I finally did it! I've been trying to hold the plank for two minutes for quite a while now (apparently people who can hold the plank for two minutes have a lower risk of back problems. I already seem to be on the track to potential back problems, so this is important for me). This is definitely something I want to keep working on, and I particularly want to work on improving my form.

Exercise - Running - I was also successful with this one. Over the month I think I ran for twenty minutes three times (one time for 22.5), which was good. But...three times isn't really enough. I'm glad I can do this though, and I definitely want to maintain/improve.

Weight - I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any. Urgh.

Grades - I don't think I've written about this before, but I also had a semester long goal of getting my GPA up to 3.3 (a B+ average) from 3.2 (between a B and B+, a B is 3). I definitely managed to achieve this goal (it's now 3.32!)


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