Friday, June 3, 2011


Has been a good day.

My boyfriend's 21st is tomorrow, so I got my hair cut (it needed to be cut anyway, and it seemed like a good time to do it!). I got to a pretty tough exercise class today, but it was pretty fun. I've also been trying to decide what dress to wear to the boyfriend's party (occasionally I am a girly girl!). I'm meeting a lot of his friends for the first time (so I want to look a bit "sexy"), his parents will be there (so I don't want to have it all hanging out!) and we're planning to go to a club after (so it's needs to be comfortable/club-esque). I'm trying to decide between a sparkly leopard print dress (which is a a little shorter and makes my boobs look incredible (or as incredible as they ever do)! There's not cleavage or anything on show though) or a black dress (which is tight, almost knee length and gives me an incredible waist (ie it makes me look like I actually have a waist!). On the other hand it's long and black and it is a summer party...)

(And that was a really short post! I guess I really don't do much when I'm on holiday at home!)

Any thoughts?


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