Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review

One of my (pseudo) resolutions this month was to read four books. So far I've finished one book, What the Dog Saw, (read about the second half) and read two other books (Freakanomics and Big City Eyes).

Freakanomics – 7/10

I've read this before, but a long time ago. It pretty much fits perfectly into the "pseudo intellectual" category of books that I like. I did enjoy this book and it was interesting, but it wasn't fantastic. Aspects of it were very interesting, but I didn't love it. (Maybe because I'd read it before the ideas in it weren't so revolutionary?).

Big City Eyes – 5/10

This was a randomly chosen fiction book about a woman who moves to a small town to get away from the hustle and bustle of NY, and gets involved in solving a murder. I thought I’d really enjoy this book because the premise of it sounds pretty interesting (I’m kind of interested in the relationship between cities, suburbs and rural areas), but it was one of the slowest books I’ve read in a really long time. It took forever (2/3rds of the book) to get to the point where the murder even happened, which left the last third to solve it. I also didn’t really like the writing style too much.

In other news on my resolutions: I’ve been doing a really really really bad job at swimming. I’ve gone once in the last two weeks. Urgh. It’s just such a pain to go over there – the pool has pretty limited hours and I have to shower and wash my hair and get all the chlorine off after I swim (I have fairly sensitive skin, so I have to be sorta intense about getting the chlorine off). There are showers by the pool, but they’re open and mixed gender (in other words, I’m not taking off my swimming costume!), so it’s not very convenient. The other problem is that I don’t want to (can’t?) wear my heart rate monitor in the water. My watch gives me targets every week, and it’s more difficult to get to the targets if I’m not recording my time when I’m swimming. (It’s not impossible, and I’m probably just making excuses, but it is more difficult).

I’ve been doing well at eating beans though! And at doing my ACT, so that’s all good!


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