Friday, July 1, 2011


I think I mentioned earlier that I wanted to try out "attending" some webinars on personal development type topics.

I really enjoyed one run by HeartMath, which is the company that makes the coherence device that I use. It was about better communication, which is obviously something that it really important.

I've also been listening to one called "Awaken Your Soul at Work". I found out about it because one of the founders of HeartMath was speaking at it. It's a 12 part series and it's been fairly interesting. Certain parts of it have definitely appealed to me more than others, but there were aspects of it that were interesting. I still need to go back and listen to a number of them, because I missed a lot of them as they happened during the middle of the day.

In the future I'm going to try to stick to ones that are topics that I'm really interested in and that I think are really going to be useful for me.


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