Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Breakfast!

I realised that I've never really done a post just on food.

My Ideas About Food

I try to eat as "well" as I can. That means eating a lot of vegetables (especially the green leafy kind, still not really my favourite!) and some fruits (I'm trying to cut down a bit on fruits...diabetes seems like it runs in my family, and a lot of fruits are very high in sugar). I also try to eat a lot of fiber and a fair amount of protein. I'm generally not so keen on animal protein (apart from fish), so I've been trying to eat a lot of beans and tofu. During the school year, I eat in a dining hall, so I don't have many choices with food, which means that I can't go entirely vegetarian.

I think that my biggest food "issue" a the moment is that I have an awful habit of thinking "chocolate/cookies/candy/whatever is bad for me, so it must taste really good, so I should eat it because I'll enjoy it because it's bad for me" (and normally I don't enjoy it all that much, at least not compared to how much I'd enjoy a peach or a piece of watermelon or something else "clean" like that).

My Breakfast!

Today I had one of my favourite breakfasts, which is pretty much what I eat every day at school. I had oatmeal with blueberries, maple sugar and protein powder and I had some of my wheatgrass powder in water with lemon. (The wheatgrass is still not my favourite thing to drink!!). Today I cooked my breakfast in my rice cooker (which technically I'm not meant to have in my room), which means that it was a bit more "oatmeal-y" than normal.
It looks a bit yuck. It boiled over though :(

I got 2 lbs of blueberries at the supermarket last time I was there, so I've
been eating lots and lots of blueberries recently!

And, of course, the wonderful green juice. It's really not all that
wonderful, and it took me a long time to even stomach it, but it's
definitely grown on me and I do think it makes me feel better!

So, that was my breakfast! Yum!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prepare green leafy vegetables (kale, cabbage, spring greens)?


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