Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My skin has got so much better since I started my new skincare regime, in a really short period of time, which is obviously great. My forehead used to be covered with red marks and bumps and they’ve almost fully disappeared. In the new regime, I’m only washing my face once a day in the evening with my normal face wash. I’m also making a big effort not to prod and poke at my skin, which I think probably made the biggest difference. This is a bit tmi, but I also got a blackhead remover, which has helped with my nose. I also got some witch hazel to put on after to keep my pores small, and I think that’s also helped. Witch hazel is alcohol based, so is a little drying, so I’m probably just going to use it 2 or three times a week.

In other news…Catie has lost 5lbs, which is great! She still has about 45 to go, but that’s still a great start. We’re going to measure tonight to see if she’s lost any inches!

I made some peanut butter balls over the weekend, I'll be posting pictures and what I used to make them on here soon (ie tonight)!

Also, I’ve been asking around to see if people suck their tummys in when they’re standing and walking, and apparently a lot of people do. I know it’s strange, but now that I actually have muscle there (from all my gym trips recently!) I can actually do that, and I’m going to make a big effort with that. It’s good for both making me look like I have a flatter tummy and also to support my weak back, which is definitely a good thing.

Do you guys suck your tummy in when you stand or walk? Why yes or no?

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  1. I do hold my tummy in most of the time, it's a natural reaction now after years of being told to by my Gran!