Thursday, July 21, 2011

My skin...

has got a lot worse since I started wearing sunscreen everyday. I guess that's not really that surprising, but it's still a pain. I have have red spots, and spots in general, on my forehead, as well as white bumps on my cheeks :S.

I've kinda decided that there are two main approaches to skin care - the first is that you should pretty much dry it out (ie the people who think you should put things on spots that basically dry them out). The second is that you should do things like put oil on skin, in lieu of any other kind of face wash.

I've been talking to my friends here about their skin care routines, and I have a plan! I have almost two months before school (uni) re-starts and I've decided that in that time I'm going to try two different skin care regimes (unless the first one works really well). So...for the next month or so I'm going to try only washing my face once a day (in the evening). It sounds totally scary to me, but I really do need to find a better regime. My best friend rarely washes her face because she has very dry skin. I have fairly dry skin, but now I'm putting greasy sunscreen on my face, so I'm not quite sure where I am in terms of dry/oily skin. (And I can't really change the sunscreen I'm using. It was recommended by my dermatologist for people with very sun-sensitive skin.)

EDIT: I'm also going to make a big effort not to touch my face with my hands, because I have a really bad habit of doing that.

How does everyone else take care of their skin? Any recommendations for my second skin care month?


  1. My skin is quite bad too, but it's recently started to get better as I've cut down on sugar and been including a little more fat in my diet, from avocado/coconut oil and also oily fish. I also cleanse/tone/moisturise morning and night, it's a mission but it works. I think the most effective thing is to just get in a routine! And wash your sunscreen off as soon as you're out of the sun, and don't work out in it (unless you work out outside)

  2. Good luck with your skincare routines! I had pretty bad skin until last summer; going on the pill and using a supermarket's own brand face wash cleared it right up, after years of splashing out on very expensive brand-name creams/washes/scrubs/sticks. Unfortunately, I think it is just a case of finding what works for you, as there are SO many different types of skin which all need very different treatments.