Thursday, July 7, 2011

I realised that I didn't actually talk about what I did in DC...

On Friday we went to visit Hillwood House, which was owned by the (now deceased) head of General Foods. She (yes, she was a woman!) collected a lot of art, especially French and Russian art.

Last summer and this summer I've been trying to become more "cultured", so this was a good visit from that point of view. I also really like Russian art, so it was cool to see that (and they had two Faberge eggs there!).

Saturday was a lazy day, we didn't do all that much (apart from watching the Wimbledon finals, which is always fun!)

On Sunday we went to see a play/musical called "Next to Normal". Its about a woman and her family struggling with this woman's mental disorders. Although the subject matter was a little depressing, the play was incredible and the music was really good (I've been listening to it practically on loop since then!). Anyway, if you get the chance to see it, definitely go.

The "bad" bit of Sunday was that during the play I got a headache and started to feel nauseous. We had thai food for dinner (which I love, but given how I was feeling maybe wasn't the best choice). Anyway, I ended up getting sick to my stomach which wasn't great.

Monday was July 4th. My aunt and uncle had a big party for it and we saw some fireworks, which was fun (I love fireworks). After the fireworks were over someone spotted a small fire down where they’d been set off – it turn out that one of the boxes they came in had caught fire! We also made smores, which I love! (And I barely ever get to have them). I guess smores are an American type of thing (or at least, I only ever seem to have them in the US), so I now associate them with “American holidays”, like July 4th.

What was everyone else’s favourite part of the weekend/Canada Day/July 4th? Do other people who celebrate Canada Day/July 4th have certain foods they associate with it?


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