Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had a strange day today - I had a history paper due at 3pm, so I woke up early to finish that off and ended up skipping dinner. After I handed that in, I had a meeting with my partner for another project, due next Tuesday. And then...pilates!

I started doing Pilates in September, because a tonne of people recommended it to me. Some people thought it would be good for stress reduction/relaxation and others thought it would be good for my back. I have very slight kyphosis (excessive "out" curvature of the top of the spine) and lardosis (corresponding excessive "in" curvature of the bottom of the spine). One of the best ways of dealing with it is to strengthen your abs, so that they can support your back better. Pilates is all about strengthening your abs, so it seems like a good fit!

At first I didn't like it - it's one of those things that based on very subtle body orientations, so it's easy to look like you're doing the right thing when really you're not. Now I love it! I've been going for long enough that I think I'm starting to get some of the more subtle adjustments, which is a good thing! I always feel better (and like I have better posture) after doing it.

I'd really recommend it to anyone (if you can find a good teacher).

Ps For the first time in about a week I finally took my vitamins today! Hoping that they'll help me shake off the cold which I'm still suffering from!


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