Monday, May 9, 2011

Too Tight Shoes!

My family came over to the states at the beginning of April so that my little brother could look at colleges (and make a decision about where he wants to go!). I went to go visit them while they were here, and ended up going shopping with my mum. I bought a few (4!!) pairs of new shoes because I haven't bought any at least since I started college and given that my shoes are mostly cheap pumps they're all really starting to fall apart.

Anyway, one of the pairs I got was a brown pair which my mum really liked but I was so-so about. They only had them in black in the store, so I got a brown pair sent to me.

I tried them on when they arrived, and they're just a little bit too small (too tight). Anyway, between the anticipated hassle of trying to send them back, me being super busy, and the fact that I don't want to let my mum down, I kept them. I decided today that I really wanted to get them wear-able, so I'm attempting to stretch them out a bit by wearing them and sticking an old razor case in them (which is apparently about the same size as my foot...I do have really small feet). I looked up other suggestions for stretching shoes but they all seem a bit dicey (fill them with water and stick them in the freezer) or require things I don't own (a hairdryer. I know, weird fun fact about me!). With any luck they'll stretch out a the meantime does anyone else have any tricks? Or general tricks for shoes that fit in the shop and start rubbing and pinching as soon as you get them home?


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