Friday, May 13, 2011


So...I've gained weight. I was steady at 129.8, and as of today I'm
130.8 lbs. I know that 1 lb is probably just a random fluctuation, but
still. To be honest, I wasn't great with my diet this week and I
haven't really been to the gym. Yesterday was my best day though, so
it doesn't seem fair that I gained weight the day after my best day.
The only saving grace is that I tend to have a lag between my good
eating days and weight loss, so maybe it's just that. I hope so!
Before today I've only taken my psyllium with black or red tea (ie
tea with milk). It's a bit annoying because it means that I have to
finish my existing pot of tea to make the black/red tea, and I don't
like to drink too much water/tea just before bed. Anyway, today I
tried putting the psyllium in herbal tea, and it was fine! I'm pleased
about that!
I'm going to try to be good again today with food. So far I've just
eaten my porridge (with protein powder and maple sugar) and the
psyllium. That said, I'm always good at breakfast, the problem is the
other meals/late at night!
PS I hope this blogger issue gets fixed soon! I'm not liking not being
able to post!


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