Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book review: American Wife and Crash

American Wife

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I started off really enjoying this book. It jumped around a bit and it was a bit difficult at times, but overall  it was good. My main complaint was that it ended very abruptly and didn't really explain what I thought was the central point of the story. Anyway, overall I'd give it 7/10. (Sorry for the not so thorough review, I don't want to give away the ending!)

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This was a really weird book that I did not really enjoy. It was meant to be about a commentary on technology in today's society, which sounds good in theory. It ended up being really sexual, in what I thought was a bit of a creepy way. The book was basically about a guy who gets off from car accidents. It was an interesting idea and an interesting way to talk about technology in society, but not really my cup of tea! Anyway, overall I'd give it about 2/10.


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