Monday, June 11, 2012

First Day of work...

was brilliant! 

Everyone in the office is lovely. It's a very small office (unfortunately they've had their funding cut recently, so they've had to let one of the lawyers go). I'm not sure if I've fully explained what they do. Essentially, they help very (very) low income people who are in the process of being evicted or having other serious landlord-tenant issues. One of the things I'm really excited about is that with evictions things move very quickly (unfortunately for the people involved), but that means that I should be able to see a few cases from start to finish.

There are two main lawyers and a bunch of law students. One of the lawyers (Mark) works as a mediator with people involved in landlord-tenant disputes (for example, today there was an issue with a landlord getting angry at a tenant who'd broken an appliance and the tenant needed more time to come up with the money to fix it). The other lawyer (John) is who I'm going to be working under. He works with people who are actually being evicted and often goes to court on their behalf. He seems like a fantastic, very open boss. He also seemed like a brilliant teacher, and spent a lot of time going over the basics of eviction law with me today.

I didn't actually do all that much today, other than reading over some of the basics of housing law in Washington. I also sat in on two "walk in" meetings - clients who turned up and asked for help. Those were pretty interesting.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about my work in due course!

Today I wore:

I really love this skirt! My room is very messy, but I do like the
outfit! :D

On a goal related note I posted five letters today :D (most of them long overdue!)

My letters! (and postcard)

For breakfast, I had the same thing I've been having every day, but with honey instead of molasses. It was much better today than yesterday and I also was much faster at making it today which was good (I guess I needed practice reheating oatmeal?!)

For lunch I had my same salad! (I really like it! I ran out of cooked chicken though, so I'll have to have something different tomorrow.) I got to eat outside in a beautiful courtyard (in the building I work in).

Lunch (with my very cool lunch box!)
For dinner I had tofu with tomato sauce and peas. Very yummy! I (of course) had it over spinach (I've run out of spinach again! I'll have to get more tomorrow!)

Dinner! (Sorry for the blurry photo)


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