Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super tired!

I am super tired so this should be a short post.

I went to bed a bit late last night, and was then woken up by my housemates being loud at 2am (quite why they were being loud at 2am on a Monday is past me). Given that they've all been living together for 6 months or so, I'm trying not to be too interfering with what they get up to, but I was a bit tired today!

So, onto a quick recap of my day:

Overall work was very fun. There were a few times when I wasn't really doing anything, and I suspect that that might be a somewhat regular occurrence, so I'll have to find something productive to do during those times. Today I wore:

Not my  favourite outfit
(I prefer skirts to trousers),
but decent I thought!
After work I headed to the gym (YMCA) near where I live. I officially joined as a member! (Yay!). It was $58 for 2 months (which is the whole time I'm here), which I thought was pretty reasonable. I'm going to make it a goal to go at least 29 times so that each trip costs less than $2! So...1 down, 28 to go :D

After that I picked up a few bits and pieces for dinner (seriously, I'm not buying any more food now. I think that part of the problem was that I wasn't planning ahead, so for e.g. I didn't have anything defrosted for dinner. To combat that I'm going to plan more. On that note I'm having tilapia for dinner tomorrow!).

And then...I cooked. Chili. It was pretty good and I made loooooads of it, so hopefully that'll be something easy to pull out of the freezer to reheat if I get into the not having anything defrosted issue again.

Seriously a lot of chili!

So, onto the eats:

I did not get my oatmeal for breakfast because I didn't have time :(.
No wonder I got so hungry at 11am!
My lunch salad. I didn't have any more chicken for it, so I used
tofu instead, which was great. I'm going to use tofu again tomorrow
(assuming I get up in time to cook it in the morning, not ideal, I know!)
Dinner was (obviously) chili. Even though I'm making an
effort to eat better, I'm never going to eat chili without lots of sour
cream and cheese. It's my favourite food, so...

So, that's all from me!

If you cook for yourself, do you make big batches of things and then freeze them? Or cook from scratch every night?


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