Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last night I did something silly: I stayed up until 5am. For no reason. The boyfriend found out yesterday that he may not be able to get a work visa for the US this year (they only give out a certain number), and so I was a little stressed/keyed up about that.

Anyway, because of that I ended up waking up around midday. I had a quick breakfast and then skyped with the boyfriend for an hour, which was wonderful! I then headed out to the gym. The overall gym trip was 2+ hours. I went on the elliptical for 45 minutes, ran 1.6 miles and then tried the foam roller on my calf, which was still hurting from the cramp :(. It's feeling better now though.

I also came up with a list of fitness goals for the summer:

1. Meet heart rate monitor fitness goals every week
2. Run 5K in 27 minutes
3. 20 consecutive good form push ups
4. Lose the tummy! (I feel like I should have some goal measurements)
5. Lose 10 lbs (get down to 127lbs. This ones a bit difficult as I don't have a scale in Seattle)

After the gym I just chilled and read my book (it's called "American Wife" and so far I'm really enjoying it!).
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Dinner was reheated chili, which was good.


Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to wake up early (probably, as I'll be asleep before 10!), skype with my parents and then head into downtown Seattle. I'm planning to explore the International District, which should be fun! So...hopefully my post tomorrow should be a bit more interesting!


  1. I didn't love American Wife, but I like Sittenfeld's other two books - maybe I should give it another shot.

    1. I'm only about a third of the way through it, so my opinion might change it. Whats your favourite book? I'm always looking for new things to read!