Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another short post...

Inorganic Chemistry Things....aren't they pretty?
My exam today (organic) was...not great. I was actually pretty disappointed by how it went. My mind went black as soon as I sat down and I couldn't remember what a lot of the products of all the reactions were. Anyway, I guess we'll see. It was multiple choice, and I guessed on anything I didn't know, so maybe there were a few lucky guesses in there! The comprehensives are factored into our departmental GPAs (which I don't really care about. Mine is much worse than my overall GPA, so I never tell people unless they ask). It also goes on our transcript, in combination with the grade I get from the exam tomorrow (inorganic...the one with pretty coloured compounds!). Fingers crossed that one goes better to balance out the one today!
Highlights of organic chemistry...who wouldn't
prefer inorganic?? From google images

The boyfriend has been the absolute cutest all day - I woke up to a note from him under my door from him (I left for my exam before he got up, and we don't sleep together the night before one of us has an exam).
A very cute cheese string! From google images

Everyone else in blogland is doing WIAW today...I can't wait till I'm cooking my own food and get to participate. The food-highlight of my day was a cheese string! I hadn't had one in ages, but really needed a snack after all my studying.

From google
The song for today is New Age, by Marlon Roudette. I've really liked this song for a while, mostly because it has a really lovely melody.

6 days till I'm done with exams!

PS My puppy (well, 12 year old dog) is having his eye surgery today (Thursday). Keeping my fingers and toes and everything else I can cross crossed for him!


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