Monday, May 21, 2012

Running Up That Hill

I have my last exam tomorrow. I'm darn nervous about it. They expect you to know the littlest most insiginificant things and be able to write an essay on them. Fingers crossed that the little, insignificant things that come up are the ones I know (this time...the midterm wasn't great).
Image from the Kate Bush music video
I've spent all day studying for it, very boring. I can't wait till 4:30 pm tomorrow when I'll be free as a bird. My priorities for tomorrow evening are:
  • gym
  • spending time with the boyfriend
  • skype with my parents and doggy
  • watching a movie/TV show
  • getting to bed earrrrly!

Image from the Kate Bush music video
Today's song is Running Up that Hill by Kate Bush. Kate Bush's songs are (often) very wonderfully weird. She has a very expressive voice, and a lot of her music videos are interpretive dance which is interesting to say the least. Also an appropriate song, because this is the final push for me, and "Running up that Hill" seems like a good way to phrase how I'm feeling.

17ish hours till I'm done!  (It's actually making me feel pretty sad, but I'm just trying to focus on how  great it'll be to enjoy the next week or two with no work!


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