Monday, May 14, 2012

Like a Runaway

My song for today is Like a Runaway, by Jodie Marie from the album Mountain Echo. I hadn't heard any of her music before today, but I really like this song. I originally wanted to post a frantic/frenetic song, because that's how I've felt all day, but this song is really mellow and calming, which was very much appreciated!
This morning I woke up...stressed. There's so much that I need(ed) to do today and over the next few days, and I feel like I've been working all day with no breaks. On the plus side, I have a pretty decent draft of one of my papers (15 pages, due tomorrow at 5pm). I just need to cut out a page and a half tomorrow and read it over a few times tomorrow and then I'll be done. I also have these (super stressful) comprehensive exams coming up, so I'm going to spend any free time (ie post-paper) tomorrow working on organic chemistry, and any time the day after that working on inorganic. study study for my inorganic final (I have an inorganic comprehensive exam and a final for the inorganic class I'm in). I'm really worried about that final, because it's worth 100% of my grade (argh!).

The gross salad! Looks pretty though.
The sandwich in the making (plus a grapefruit!)
I used some of the stress management techniques (e.g. breathing, reminding myself that this stress won't be around for too much longer and trying to separate the "necessary" and "unnecessary" feelings). They worked really well!

I also tried to make healthy/good decisions today, which was going really well until something in my salad at lunch tasted off :(. (The sandwich that I made - roast beef, cheese, onions and spinach was still really good though!)

The finished product - delicious!

Anyway, fingers crossed for being productive tomorrow!


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