Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drive By

My room...argh!
Today has been a busy day with lots and lots of packing. The boyfriend and I both got moving "pods" to store us stuff in, but we're only allowed to have them on campus for 24 hours, and given that we just finished exams yesterday we've been scrambling to get them packed. His is getting picked up tomorrow, mine is getting dropped off tomorrow and picked up on Friday. I tried to get a decent chunk of packing done today to ease the stress tomorrow, but that didn't work out so well, and my room now looks like a bomb has gone off in it!

I did (finally) get to the public library today (my university library's cut me off because I'm graduating so soon!). Anyway, I picked up a bunch of the books that are on my short term goals list :). I'm really excited to get started on reading them!
My new books!

I also went out for a wonderful dinner with the boy - so much fun to just get to spend some time together without worrying about work etc.

Pretty toes!
My legs, which I've mentioned before, are still super itchy and they look like they're getting worse :( (they did get better, but now they seem to be regressing). I'm using amlactin cream twice a day and cortisone on the really bad bits a few times a day (although I hate using the steroids). I was trying to be nice to my legs and feet today though, so I painted my toe nails :).

Today's song (for no reason other than that it's a good packing song!) is Drive By by Train.

PS I should hopefully get back my exam for both my thesis and (horrific) comprehensive exams tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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