Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Super short post...

...because I have my organic chemistry comprehensive exam tomorrow at 9am. Urgh. I am so epically not looking forward to it.

I've basically spent all day writing my paper (which is submitted! Yay!) and studying for this exam. I still know such a small amount of the material though :(.

On a (somewhat) related note, my legs got insanely itchy yesterday, and looked like they had hives. When I was younger I used to occasionally get stressed induced hives, and I bet that's what it is :(. Anyway, they're a tiny bit better today.

Blurry picture of my leg :(

And another one...

The song for today is...Only the Horses by the Scissor Sisters (it has a really cool album cover!). I like that it's upbeat (that and green tea are the only reason I made it through the day with no naps!) and in portions its also a little frenetic (I like that word!), interspersed by slower, calmer bits. That pretty much mirrors my life at the moment!

One week till I'm done with exams! Wish me luck for tomorrow!


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