Friday, May 18, 2012

You're Gorgeous

Today's song is You're Gorgeous, by Babybird. The lyrics to this song are a lot "darker" than the title would suggest (its about a manipulative photographer), but I still love the title and melody. My own "relationship" to "gorgeous" isn't really what I'd like it to be. As with most things, I rely to much on external validation, which means that I like/need/crave others (my boyfriend) telling me that I'm attractive. That causes issues when he's busy/stressed (which he really is at the moment. I can't wait till he's done and he goes back to being "normal").
Such a weird CD cover....from google

Anyway, talking of validation, I'm taking part in Meg's High Five Friday, which celebrates achievements over the past week.

This week the theme is school/college/academic achievement. This week's been a busy (academic) week for me. I'm proud of myself for getting through my two comprehensive exams, especially the organic one, which was really really tough for me. I'm also proud of myself for how disciplined I've been with studying for my inorganic exam on Sunday. I think (hope!) I'm studying in an efficient and effective way. I'm going through all the notes and pulling out all the key themes, which I'm almost done with. I'm then going to go over all the practice problems and old problem sets and pull out key themes. Fingers crossed it'll be useful!

That's all from me! (These days my life is just study study study!)

4 days till I'm done!

Do you rely on external validation (other people to recognize your accomplishments)? Or internal validation (you can recognize your own accomplishments)?


  1. congrats on getting through two tough exams! good luck on the next 4 days :)

    1. Thanks Haley! Can't wait till they're all done :)

  2. Love the idea of high five Friday! You can make it through the next four days :)

    1. Yeah, it's a really great idea (thanks Meg!).
      And thanks for your support...very much appreciated!