Thursday, May 17, 2012

Desert Rose

Today was a weird, long day.

I woke up super early (7:45am, that's early for me! I do want to start getting up early more often though) because I had the inorganic chemistry exam at 9. It went fine...I think. To be honest, I really can't tell. I'm just hoping it was good enough to "balance out" the disaster that was organic the day before. (I'll find out how I did next Thursday...nervous)!

In case you don't know what beans on toast looks like!
Picture from google images.
I had a nap after my exam. It should have been awesome, but the boy was watching American Dad or something else stupid while I was trying to nap, so I couldn't really sleep. :(

Lunch was good. The dining hall had baked beans (which they never have!), so I made beans on toast, which was awesome :D.

I then spent the whole afternoon and evening studying for my second inorganic chemistry exam (which is on Sunday). I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but I'm a) getting there and b) it's open notes, so I don't have to memorize everything (I really just have to make sure I *understand* everything). 

Tomorrow is going to be another fun day of studying inorganic!

My poor darling. I took a screenshot while we were
skyping. He has to wear that silly cone thing to make
sure that he doesn't bump or knock the wound :(
Hopefully this picture isn't too graphic...
A lot of my other friends have already finished all their exams/papers/problem sets/anything they need to do before graduation. It's a bit strange that so many of them have completely finished their undergrad degree. Even weirder that come Tuesday, I'll have finished. I'm looking forward to not having exams any more, but I really don't want to graduate! I love my college.

As I mentioned yesterday, my dog had his surgery today. Poor darling. They had to shave half his face (the surgery was to remove his blind eye which was getting swollen and infected). I got to skype with him (well, with the human members of my family while he was in the room). He's apparently recovering quite well, which is definitely a good thing. I'm just finding it really hard to be away from him at the moment...I want to be there to look after him. It's also tough for me that my sister is there caring for him instead of me, especially as she's never really loved the dogs the way I have, and he is my doggy.

Today's song is...Desert Rose, by Sting. Not generally one of my favourites, but it's sort of a strange song to suit the strange mood I'm in today! (at least strange compared to the songs I normally listen to. For me, song lyrics are really important - they're why I listen to music - so I don't tend to go for non-English songs/songs with lyrics that are hard to understand).

Anyway, I'm super tired now, so off to bed! I have an early morning (930) meeting tomorrow morning...urgh!


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